Private sector

The HOTSPOT project has three  partners from the private sector.

Private sector partners

COWI (Denmark) has extensive experience in environmental impact assessment, and in advising how to manage risks to the marine environments by mapping, evaluating and analyzing the most effective risk reducing measures in a complex system with many stakeholders. 

LITEHAUZ (Denmark) is a specialist consultancy on maritime issues, and will contribute to knowledge transfer regarding shipping and maritime activities as sources of environmental contamination and on the evolving management options. 

Zeal Environmental Technologies Limited (ZETL, Ghana) is the IMO Licensed Company in charge of the operation of the Takoradi Port Waste Reception Facility. ZETL will contribute to the project with practical knowledge of environmental and waste management issues, e.g., hazardous wastes, oil-waste water and other challenges in Ghana’s maritime sector. 

People from the private sector partners

People from the private sector involved in the HOTSPOT project:  

Morten Hjorth, COWIMorten Hjorth, COWI is an expert within marine ecotoxicology and water quality. He has extensive experience with evaluating potential effects from offshore projects in marine environmental impact assessments including effects from infra structure projects (piers, cables, pipelines, wind turbines, oil/gas platforms), hazardous substances (e.g. oil compounds) in marine ecosystems and noise impact assessments. He has also been conducting a wide range of risk assessments in marine protected areas. Dr. Hjorth is an expert in assessments of water quality, design of monitoring programs as well as their implementation and reporting. He has authored or co-authored more than 30 scientifically evaluated articles and reports.


Frank Stuer-Lauridsen, LitehausFrank Stuer-Lauridsen, LITEHAUZ is a Master of Biology and a PhD in Environmental Chemistry. He has 25 years of experience in cross discipline studies of impact of industrial activities in the marine environment and coastal zone. He is a specialist in strategic management and assessment of hazardous activities and materials in the offshore oil and gas industry, in shipping and in port related activities. He has experience with marine and coastal industry issues from projects in many countries, and of particular interest are the coastal zone projects in Namibia where mineral, oil and gas, and fishing resources are exploited on a large scale. Frank Stuer-Lauridsen has been engaged in the environmental issues of shipping for the last 15 years with 10 years in his own company LITEHAUZ. He has published a dozen well cited academic papers.
16 MAY 2022